2021 Fall Newsletter

Dear Friends of Dyslexia Tutoring Program,

Although the leaves have already started turning, we have been enjoying beautiful warm weather. But we are getting ready for the little nip of cool Fall temperatures. We hope that everyone had a much more enjoyable summer than 2020.

Some of our students are back to in-person tutoring, but many are still continuing their tutoring virtually.
We are planning to start our fourth class of virtual training for new tutors in early November. All tutors f rom om previous three classes are now tutoring.

Because of Covid-19, DTP decided not to hold om annual “Wishes, Dreams & Imagination” Annual Gala fundraiser. However, we did hold a small dinner at Green Spring Valley Hunt Club, which was very well received and successful. Deborah Weiner was our MC, and we showed our new video that we made this summer.

We were able to send some of om students to the summer camp programs at Jemicy and Odyssey. Two of our older students went to Gow in upstate New York. I was able to visit Jemicy and Odyssey to see our kids in their tutoring sessions and in some other activities.

A big thank you to the staff at both camps for making our kids feel so welcome. We’re happy to tell you that each child made gains in their reading and phonics skills. Besides getting the individual attention, they learned many social skills.

We also filmed a sho1t video with the students from Jemicy and Odyssey, which will be going out to eve1yone in November as we kick off our Annual Giving Campaign.

I am sad to say that our partnership with Morgan State University will be ending after this semester. Morgan is working towards getting their reading program accredited. This means that after their candidates are trained in Orton-Gillingham, they need to tutor students in the schools where they are doing internships and tutoring them during the day.

DTP would like to thank Dr. Simone Gibson for her help and participation in the Morgan partnership. Not to worry – all of our students in the Morgan program will be re-matched with new tutors, so that they can continue receiving the help they need to become better readers.

We wish all of you a Happy Fall and a Happy Thanksgiving!