2019 Fall Update

Fall has arrived!

We had a great summer and want to share with you what has been going on at DTP!

Partnership with Morgan State University

Our newest excitement at DTP is that we are partnering with Morgan State University in a pilot program. Their students, who are college seniors becoming teachers, were trained by DTP in Orton-Gillingham. In return, the 15 student candidates—as part of their practicum--are tutoring 15 of our DTP students. The tutoring will be twice a week, not once a week, for 15 weeks over each of two semesters during this ten-month program. Marcy and Bob have been working since early spring with Dr. Simone Gibson, of the Education Department at MSU.

The program started in September. Last week, Morgan gave a little reception for the students, parents, tutors, and DTP Board members. Dr. Glenda Prime, Dean of the School of Education, spoke and told everyone how hrilled Morgan is to be involved in this project, which we hope might become a national model. DTP has been looking to find an extra hour of tutoring each week for our students, and we have found an app that reinforces each week what the students have learned with their tutors. The app, called OgStar, is based on the Orton-Gillingham Method. In the pilot program, which started in early September, there are 14 students and 14 tutors. Many thanks to all of our tutors who were trained this summer to use the app with their students. Dr. Patricia O’Malley and Barbara Wolf are leading the pilot project and will follow the students through the year.


This summer 2019, we sent 12 students to Jemicy and six to Odyssey. Four of our older students went to camp at The Gow School Summer Camp Program in Buffalo, New York. This year three of our students received awards on Banquet Night. But one of them received the highest award the camp gives out. When the children go to the camps, they find they are with kids who learn just as they do, and there is no bullying or ridicule, just kindness and support from the campers and the teachers, who also form a special bond with our kids. When camp is over, the DTP kids leave with new friends, emails, and addresses, and at Gow, students come from all over the world.

Ben Shifrin, Head of Jemicy School, asked me again this year to send some of our older students to Jemicy Camp to become Counselors in Training (CITs). The CITs received tutoring every morning, just like the campers, and then worked at the camp in the afternoon. The ones who trained last year and returned this year received a stipend.

When the camps end, reports on each student are sent to DTP as well as to their tutor and parents. Gow sends midterm and final reports, also. The reports show what they have been working on and their strengths and weaknesses to address. They also make suggestions to the student’s DTP tutor about where to begin when tutoring resumes after camp. This year for the first time, all of the DTP tutors were invited to visit and observe their students at Jemicy and Odyssey.

This summer I visited Gow and talked with all of our students. Everyone was doing well and enjoying the learning and the other campers and staff, and several said they wished they could attend the school all year round.

Day Trip to Pearlstone Center

We were also able to take ten DTP children out to the Pearlstone Center whom we were not able to send to camp. They went through a tour of the farm, picked vegetables as they learned about them, cut them for a salad, and made their own dressing. The main point is to get these kids learning about the environment we live in. Some of the kids went on a ropes course. All of the children tried. Some were hesitant but still took one or two steps. Then they had a buffet lunch. The discussions were lively on the bus going back. All were glad they came.

News from DTP Students!

Lhogan Deanes-Meyers graduated from elementary school and will be attending the sixth grade at Deer Park Middle School.

Jayden Raczkowski is currently a black belt in Tae Kwon Do through KS White Tiger Martial Arts School.

Khalil Cutchember has been accepted into the Baltimore Design School and starts this fall.

Derrick Hart graduated from Towson High School and is going to college in Florida.

Congratulations to all of our DTP students for their accomplishments! We are very proud of all of you!

Many thanks to Alivia Gross, Chelsey Montgomery, Khayla Williams, and Kyan Burris who spent a Saturday morning in May designing a beautiful collage that will be on display at the Gala and will find a permanent home in the DTP offices.

A special thank you to all of our tutors for everything you do to help our children and adults.

Hope you have wonderful fall season,

Marcy and the Staff

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